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A Perfect Day on the Mountain

tiptoptahrnzmtnshuntforever022714Shortly after daylight we glassed a group of tahr from the cabin in the valley. Most were females, drab brown, but there were a couple of younger males with them, darker in the body and lighter in the cape…and even in the distance visibly larger. The Continue reading A Perfect Day on the Mountain


Icing on the Cake – First the Hunt, Then the Record Book!

Desert Bighorn, SCI Record Book
Family, friends, and a desert bighorn taken with a handgun; the components for a most memorable experience. There are only four rams entered with a handgun.

Like many, I hunt because that’s what I do. I hunt because I like to hunt. Sometimes I hunt for meat. I enjoy the overall experience from different cultures, learning about the local fauna and flora, exploring remote destinations, and cherish the opportunity and challenge to pursue game of all descriptions. Continue reading Icing on the Cake – First the Hunt, Then the Record Book!

Hunting On Foot In Nepal

In 2009, Andrew Comins from the UK London Chapter, returned from the trip of a lifetime to Nepal where he was fortunate enough to shoot a fantastic blue sheep and Himalayan tahr, with the tahr being exceptional. Another unique thing about the trip is that Comins walked in and out covering a good few hundred miles while actually in the mountains for about three weeks. Comins was the only hunter, and had about 30 sherpas in the group to make the trip possible. Presented here is a gallery of some of the mountains, villages, and surrounding flora and fauna Comins photographed on the way into the Dorpahtan hunting reserve.

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Clearly, this was a physically demanding hunt that took a lot of preparation.  How do you prepare physically for a hunt in high altitude–especially one that could be weeks long?