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Heym’s Fantastic Bolt Gun

Author with his Heym Express .404 and his Zimbabwean elephant.
Author with his Heym Express .404 and his Zimbabwean elephant.

M’Butha spread the sticks, cigarette in mouth to check the wind, and nodded toward the bull. Not twenty yards away stood twelve feet of elephant in musth, weeping gland clearly visible, and PH “Cowboy” Tim Schultz smiling slightly and nodding in affirmation. “In his heart” was all he had to whisper. My hands, gripping slightly more than Continue reading Heym’s Fantastic Bolt Gun


European Straight Pull Rifles

Merkel RX Helix
The Merkel RX Helix is the newest of the European straight pulls. Like the Blaser, it offers barrel/caliber interchangeability.

The most popular rifles among European hunters today are the straight pull offerings of Blaser, Merkel and Heym, yet here in the States not a single manufacturer offers such a gun, at least not in a centerfire. Why is that? Continue reading European Straight Pull Rifles

The Art of the Engraver – Custom Rifles from Heym

Heym rifles have a well deserved reputation for being a cut above. In the tradition of Rigby and Purdey these fine firearms are exceptional examples of the gunsmith’s talent. Add gold flourishes and high quality engraving and they rise to another level of beauty.