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Havalon Talon

It’s an interesting fact that both a filet knife and a boning knife share similar design features. Both possess long, slender and somewhat flexible blades, usually crafted from stainless steel. Handles are also much alike, fitting solidly into the grip pocket of the handle, where they are likely not to slip. The facts are that either knife could Continue reading Havalon Talon

Havalon Knives Do It All

Havalon Knives Piranta
– Havalon’s Piranta lock-blade folder features a lightweight polymer handle and specially designed extra heavy and extremely sharp replaceable scalpel type blades. Image: Durwood Hollis

One skill set that many (dare I say most?) hunters lack is the ability to sharpen a knife. Despite all of the modern tools that have made blade edge maintenance and restoration easier, it seems that dull knives still predominate in the field. What this has spawned is a segment of the Continue reading Havalon Knives Do It All

Havalon Knives Renews SCI Corporate Sponsorship

For Immediate Release

SCI-Large-registered-logoSafari Club International is proud to announce the renewal of Havalon Knives’ corporate sponsorship. “The support of Havalon Knives is crucial to the success of SCI’s international mission to Continue reading Havalon Knives Renews SCI Corporate Sponsorship