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Companies Debut New Products At SCI Convention

I always like when our Convention precedes the SHOT Show as it did this year because it affords guys like me the opportunity to get a jump on what’s new for the coming year. Most new products in the firearms industry debut at SHOT, but when our Convention convenes before theirs, many of our exhibitors consider SCI to be their primary market, and as such important enough to make sure their new goodies and promotional materials are ready in time, even if it’s earlier in the year than usual. Continue reading Companies Debut New Products At SCI Convention


The Making Of Rigby’s Best

This year, one SCI Member will leave Convention able to say they own what Rigby’s Managing Director, Marc Newton, calls Rigby’s “best .275 bolt rifle ever made.” When the hammer falls Saturday night, the winning bidder of the World Heritage Rifle celebrating hunting in Asia will own that gun; one meticulously patterned after Jim Corbett’s original .275 Rigby rifle famous for its role in ending the carnage cause by some of the most infamous maneaters ever documented.

Jim Corbett and the Rudraprayag leopard.
Jim Corbett and the Rudraprayag leopard.

Continue reading The Making Of Rigby’s Best

Mr. Newton’s Quarter-Bore

NewtonsquarterboreA hundred years ago, .30-caliber rifles were small-bores. Soon, though, hunters realized the great power and reach of the .30-‘06, and disabused themselves of the notion that bore diameter defined killing effect. Charles Newton already knew what higher velocity could do. When the ’06 was still less than a decade old, he came up with his .256 Newton, which drove a129-grain bullet 2,760 fps. Head and rim diameters matched those of the ’06; at 2.457 inches, the case Continue reading Mr. Newton’s Quarter-Bore

New Steyr Showroom Lets You Try Before You Buy

For its 150th anniversary, Steyr Arms gave itself a new US Headquarters and showroom in Bessemer, AL. Steyr is the US importer of Steyr-Mannlicher, Merkel and Anschutz firearms, and with respect to the new headquarters, Steyr CEO Scott O’Brien explained that the company was looking to own a “long-term home in the US,” and at the same time help its dealers by providing a place where they can bring customers to see the various Steyr, Merkel and Anschutz firearms.

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The 33,000 square-foot facility features a 3,000 square-foot showroom where the company displays all of the firearms it offers and highlights its premium wood-grained guns. It’s something of a Continue reading New Steyr Showroom Lets You Try Before You Buy