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Rigby’s Best .275 Bolt Rifle Ever Made

The World Heritage Rifle for the 2016 SCI Convention is a Corbett-style .275 Rigby honoring hunting in Asia. Rigby’s donation is an homage to the legendary .275 Rigby that was used by the renowned Jim Corbett to dispatch numerous man-eating big cats in the Kumaon region of India. By a fortunate coincidence, shortly after this project began, Rigby managed to track down and acquire Corbett’s own .275 for its London museum. Continue reading Rigby’s Best .275 Bolt Rifle Ever Made


Griffin & Howe

Seymour Griffin 1903 Springfield rifle
One of the earliest known rifles made by Seymour Griffin, and now in the author’s collection, featuring his now-classic sharply sloped cutaway in the stock by the bolt.

Around the turn of the last century, American sportsmen were transitioning from black powder to smokeless and from single shots and lever guns to bolt actions. World War I accelerated the crank-handled rifle’s appeal, and by the Continue reading Griffin & Howe