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PH Spotlight Darren DeLuca

Though he grew up in British Columbia, hunting and fishing opportunities were not readily available for DeLuca as his dad was a logger who didn’t hunt and was not a skilled fisherman. Around the age of 17, DeLuca started hunting and fishing with friends, and began exploring Vancouver Island and the surrounding waters. Great adventures and many mishaps later, DeLuca was committed to a life that included being a part of nature. Continue reading PH Spotlight Darren DeLuca

PH Spotlight – Phillip du Plessis

du Plessis grew up on a ranch where he hunted, fished, and was an avid reader inspired by Capstick, Ruark, J.A. Hunter and other iconic authors. His career choice was obvious – he aspired to be a PH. He achieved his objective and 16 years ago founded Intrepid Safaris, a private preserve about five miles from the Limpopo River. du Plessis points out that the magical word “safari,” a Swahili word meaning “long journey,” opens the doors of discovery to the great and diverse beauty of Africa. Continue reading PH Spotlight – Phillip du Plessis

Guides, Outfitters and Professional Hunters, Oh My!

Guides-outfitters-Boretsky-guinea-fowl-062716(Editor’s note: Safari Club International has one person, who works fulltime with guides, outfitters and professional hunters and their associations throughout the world. That person is John Boretsky, and following is a list of some of the places he goes in a given year, who he meets when he gets there and what happens next. Literally, SCI works around the world, all year long on behalf of hunters and hunting.)

Hunters and anglers who travel rely on a small group of professionals for access to game, access to rivers, fields, streams and Continue reading Guides, Outfitters and Professional Hunters, Oh My!

Professional Hunter Spotlight – Tollie Jordaan

PH-Spotlight-TollieThe love of nature and dedication to conservation motivated Tollie Jordaan to become a professional hunter beginning his career in 1986. He considers trophy hunting the best conservation tool because adding value to animals protects the Continue reading Professional Hunter Spotlight – Tollie Jordaan