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Destination: Gobbler!

The wild turkey is a native North American bird, probably initially domesticated by early natives in Mexico and definitely first brought to Europe by Spanish explorers in the Eighteenth Century. Today roast turkey is widely Continue reading Destination: Gobbler!

A DIY Gould’s Turkey Bowhunt in Old Mexico

Turkey hunting Old Mexico on your own? Are you nuts??

Once we arrived, we dumped our gear and accompanied long-time Mexican outfitter Jorge Camou (right) on a quick scouting mission, in which we roosted several gobblers.

When I started bowhunting turkeys 20-some years ago – and after scads of abject failure –a seasoned gobbler getter gave me some sage advice. “Bob,” he said, “gobblers were put on this earth to be shot in the head with two ounces of No. 6’s.” Many times, Continue reading A DIY Gould’s Turkey Bowhunt in Old Mexico