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Glamour Guns – When Firearms Do Tell The Story

When viewing historic firearms, it is often mused: “What if this gun could talk….” The inference is that the firearm would relay significant information about where it had been or what happened in its presence. This, of course, is not possible. Continue reading Glamour Guns – When Firearms Do Tell The Story

Glamour Guns – Double-Barrelled Beauties

As the days grow a bit shorter and the morning and evening hint at the briskness of Autumn, many of us are thinking about grabbing the shotgun and heading out for dove or quail or pheasant, any of the plentiful opportunities to get out in the field and sharpen our skills, while adding some tasty fare to the larder. While you might not see these particular shotguns in your neck of the woods, you can definitely see their equal on the exhibit floor of the 2018 SCI Convention and Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market. Take a look at the pinnacle of the gun-makers art.

Glamour Guns Galore

The show floor of the SCI Convention is a treasure trove of classic, custom and hard to find items from all over the world. Not the least of which are some of the most beautiful pieces of functional art in existence. These firearms represent the craft and artistry of some of the most talented makers in the world!

Glamour Guns – Engraving by Jim Blair

For nearly as long as the firearm has existed, firearm owners have harbored a need to embellish and enhance them. Highly figured and rare woods, lustrous deep blue finishes, inlays and of course engraving. While other embellishments may set a gun apart from the rest, nothing is as personal, or combines the owners vision and the artists skill more than fine engraving. Continue reading Glamour Guns – Engraving by Jim Blair