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A Golden Oryx

Hunter Jill St. John with golden oryx
Jill St. John and outfitter Barry Burchell with a beautiful golden oryx, taken as part of a package auctioned at our 2014 convention. The “golden oryx” is a color phase of gemsbok that occurs naturally, but Burchell has been breeding them up at his farm in extreme southern Namibia.

The first “golden oryx” I ever saw was in Dick and Mary Cabela’s trophy room in Sidney, Nebraska. I thought it was really beautiful—and different—but I actually didn’t give it any further thought until Barry Burchell asked me to join an auction hunt at his place in southern Namibia for exactly that: The golden oryx. Continue reading A Golden Oryx


Flashback Friday – Gemsbok, the Desert Warrior

SafariND1992CoverEditor’s Note: On Friday we search the extensive SCI archives and reprint a story from the past. This week’s story is a tribute to the majestic and aggressive Gemsbok. This story originally appeared in the November/December 1992 issue of Safari magazine.

One of my earliest and most vivid memories is of my father almost being impaled on the horn of a wounded gemsbok in South West Africa {now Namibia). I was five years old and just big enough to see over the dashboard of the 1936 Oldsmobile-if I stood on the front seat. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Gemsbok, the Desert Warrior