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Essential Edges

Times may change, but the need for essential game care tools still persists.

It is a fact that over time, things change and that evolution is generally coupled with performance enhancement. Primitive men used some form of chipped stone edged tool or similar material to Continue reading Essential Edges

Home Cookin Hunter – Marinades on Parade

home-cookin-hunter-022017I always find myself standing in a grocery store aisle, gazing up at the massive wall of marinades, bewildered over which one to pick. I mean, let’s be honest, picking out a new marinade is almost like Russian roulette! You really don’t know how it’s going to taste, much less how it is going to cook into your food! Continue reading Home Cookin Hunter – Marinades on Parade

Wild Game and Wine Pairing



Join Chef Lisa Freeman at the 2014 SCI Convention in Las Vegas, as she takes you on a culinary journey during this fun seminar!  In this session, tips and techniques for preparing fine, wild game recipes will be demonstrated.  We will also be discussing how to pair game recipes with the perfect wines that will offer complementing flavors and balance without intimidation! Come explore this savory experience.