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DoubleStar International Unveils New Folding Knife

DoubleStar International has added a new folding knife to its roster of products. Continue reading DoubleStar International Unveils New Folding Knife


The Spyderco Hunters Edge

Two new edged tools, one lock-blade folder and the other fixed-blade, both custom designed and with blue-collar affordability.

Spyderco folding knives, with their large, round, thumb engagement hole in the blade for one-hand opening, are probably the most easily recognizable edged tool available today. Their broad range of functional blade patterns and knife configurations also make Continue reading The Spyderco Hunters Edge


Non-Typical – New Knives from Browning


Browning Non-Typical knives
The Non-Typical knife series is among the most attractive and functional Browning has ever offered. Both the fixed-blade skinner (top) and the lock-blade folder (bottom) feature stainless blade steel and stag handle scales. Image: Durwood Hollis

In the hunting community, the term “non-typical” refers to an animal whose antler pattern lies outside of the norm. Because such animals often have dramatically unusual antler configurations, they must be placed in a separate scoring category. For that reason, the separateness of design, Browning Continue reading Non-Typical – New Knives from Browning


Thin Is In

Two new liner lock hunters from Bear Cutlery demonstrate that a hunting knife doesn’t have to be big and bulky to function well in the field.

Bear and Sons Cutlery sidelocks
The new Sidelock Hunter folders from Bear and Son Cutlery combine a functional blade shape, with extremely thin and lightweight handle scales. Both models feature an inner-frame blade locking mechanism; one-hand opening, non-slip camouflage handle coating and an attachment clip.
Image: Durwood Hollis.

Recently, I received a telephone call from a friend who was having difficulty packing for an upcoming hunting trip. Apparently, he didn’t know what to take and what to leave behind and he wanted help making critical decisions. Since I was the guy who spent nearly a month in Africa with nothing more than a Continue reading Thin Is In