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Brilliant New M600 From ExtremeBeam

huntforeverextremebeamm600There’s no reason to sacrifice light-casting distance for long lasting battery life. ExtremeBeam’s new M600 Fusion lets you have both in one tough package.

Using a 600 lumen high output LED and an improved version of our Superlumen reflector cone, the M600 Fusion is capable of projecting a wide set beam to distances of over 300 meters. The reflecting cone is machined from solid bar stock aluminum which gives optimum light casting ability.

The M600 Fusion has a runtime of 6 hours at the high setting, 12 hours in medium and 24 hours in low as well as 10 hours in strobe mode. The M600 also features double O-ring seals for waterproof protection at depths up to 30 feet and ExtremeBeam’s exclusive Anti-Recoil system allowing the user to mount to weapons up to .50 BMG.

The M600 Fusion weighs only 9 ounces and measures just over 6 inches in length. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and retails at around $130.

A Bright Idea from SOG Knives

The New SOG BladeLight Hunt
The New SOG BladeLight Hunt

If you’ve ever taken a big game animal late in the day, then you know the value of some form of illumination. Performing game care chores in fading light with a sharp knife is the surest way I know to invite trouble. And when trouble rears its ugly head in the form of an unanticipated laceration, your hunting experience can immediately go downhill from there. Equipping a knife with some kind of light source isn’t anything new or revolutionary. However, skillfully integrating 30 lumens of illumination from six tiny LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs all powered by a single battery for 138 minutes of illumination is engineering design at is zenith. And the new SOG BladeLight Hunt fixed-blade knife is all that¾and more. Continue reading A Bright Idea from SOG Knives

SCI Product Showcase – ExtremeBeam’s Modular Marvel

ExtremebeamXT8huntforever041814Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts know the value and usefulness of a tactical type flashlight. But what they have really needed is an affordable, versatile tactical light that allows them to change its configuration to match the conditions they might find themselves in. ExtremeBeam listened and introduces their XT8. Continue reading SCI Product Showcase – ExtremeBeam’s Modular Marvel

Alpha-TAC’s ExtremeBeam Unveils a Powerful New Headlamp

Alpha TAC ExtremeBeam OSR-800
Alpha TAC ExtremeBeam OSR-800


If you are a hunter or outdoorsman looking for a well crafted, durable and dependable hands free headlamp then you need to take a close look at the new headlamp from ExtremeBeam! Long known for their precision engineering, ExtremeBeam’s tactical lights are proven in the field. Now, they have taken the same lighting technology of their handheld flashlights to create one of the brightest and farthest reaching quick-focus headlamps.

Weighing in at only 3.5 ounces, the OSR-800, features to a fully adjustable elastic headband, a 180-lumen LED bulb and a precision engineered lighting amplifier that illuminates to distances beyond 550 feet. The head bezel of the OSR-800 also features a transparent red ring that provides peripheral illumination when the light is in full focus. This feature is especially useful when reading a map or navigating uneven terrain.

exrmbeamOSR800Fittedhnt4evr110713The OSR-800 is ready for any adventure, even if that adventure happens to take a turn for the worse. Along with its high-mode, Hike-mode, and flash settings, an S.O.S. flash signal can be initiated when the power button is depressed for 4 seconds. Because of the extreme distances this light reaches, it instantly becomes a distress beacon able to be seen easily by rescue aircraft at high altitudes, and by simply disengaging the headlamp from its headmount base rear cover, the light can be left in a field in S.O.S. mode signaling for help. ExtremeBeam’s OSR-800, has an average run time of 24 hours in hike-mode operating on just three AAA batteries.

The OSR-800 has a suggested retail price of $29.95