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A Revelation In Name And Practice

Tony Galazan has been a fixture at the Safari Club convention as far back as I can remember.  Over the past 25 years, he and his company, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing (CSMC), have grown steadily in importance to the shooting industry. Continue reading A Revelation In Name And Practice

Glamour Guns – Double-Barrelled Beauties

As the days grow a bit shorter and the morning and evening hint at the briskness of Autumn, many of us are thinking about grabbing the shotgun and heading out for dove or quail or pheasant, any of the plentiful opportunities to get out in the field and sharpen our skills, while adding some tasty fare to the larder. While you might not see these particular shotguns in your neck of the woods, you can definitely see their equal on the exhibit floor of the 2018 SCI Convention and Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market. Take a look at the pinnacle of the gun-makers art.

Perazzi Offers New DC SXS Target & Game Guns

Perazzi Shotgun Perazzi side-by-side shotguns combine both style and function.

Since their founding in 1957, Perazzi has built world class shotguns desired for their excellent feel, balance and handling characteristics.

Dominating the Olympics as well as all clay target disciplines with the famous MX8, Perazzi is now producing a SXS based on the same proven trigger group.

Perazzi-shotgun-right-CU-072716The New Perazzi DC SXS has a robust action that is a stable platform for exceptional pointability and recoil control. With the same customization options that are available on the O/U, it is the ultimate SXS for high volume competitive target shooting, driven game or upland hunting.


Griffin and Howe Acquires A Bertuzzi Gabbiano Collection

This photo gallery features the exquisite shotguns handcrafted by the Bertuzzi brothers of Italy, recently acquired by Griffin and Howe. These quiet and unassuming Bertuzzi brothers represented the fourth generation of firearm craftsmen, learning the trade from their father and grandfather. From here on, we’ll let the photos do all the talking.