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The Art of the Hunt – Painting Roosevelt

Leave it to a transplanted Englishman—or in this case, painter-writer John Seerey-Lester—to artfully remind American hunters and anglers that their greatest conservation hero still commands towering importance. A new book titled “The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt” is scheduled to be out in time for the coming holiday season and much to the delight of TR fans the volume will Continue reading The Art of the Hunt – Painting Roosevelt


The Art of David Southgate

David Southgate, Soaking up the sun
“Soaking up the Sun” is a sambar stag considered by many hunters in Australia as the “ holy grail” of free range hunting trophies due to the difficult terrain in which they are found. Oil on Canvas 28 x 36 inches

David Southgate’s original pastels, oils and hand-carved ceramics have been prized by hunters and other wildlife lovers in Australia and overseas for more than twenty-five years. For the past eighteen years, this South African-born artist and SCI Member has also donated them to our Australian SCI Down Under Chapter, as effective fundraisers. Since first meeting him at one of our annual Expos in the 1990s, I’ve followed his career, admired his art and, on occasions, watched him creating it. Continue reading The Art of David Southgate