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Hornady ETX Custom International

The EXT has a small hollow point and expansion cavity. It routinely provides upwards of 95 percent weight retention and penetrates deeply with minimal meat damage.

That European riflemakers tend to cut their chambers a little differently from U.S. makers is the impetus behind Hornady’s Extreme Terminal Expansion (ETX) bullet in its Custom International line of ammunition. According to sources, Continue reading Hornady ETX Custom International

Hunting Euro Style

huntingeurostylehornWhen you compare the way we hunt here in the States to the way they do it in Europe, it’s almost like we’re living on different planets. How can that be? I mean, hunting is hunting, no? How can the way they do it be so different from the way we do it? Well, it’s not so much the way they hunt — though there are definite differences; it’s more the tradition and ceremony with which they do it.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to hunt in Europe many times — Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Spain, Germany, Continue reading Hunting Euro Style

Flashback Friday – Europe’s Biggest Brown Bears

huntforeverCoverSO88070314Editor’s Note: Each Friday we share a story from the Safari Magazine archives. This week we tag along with Safari Club International Founder C.J. McElroy on a hunt for European Brown Bears in Yugoslavia in 1988. This story originally appeared in the September/October 1988 issue of Safari Magazine.

The shadow that I had been watching on the edge of the heavy timber near a jumble of rock suddenly became two shadows when a tremendous bear walked out into the moonlight towards the bait. I had been watching this area because I had seen movement there, and because four other bears had suddenly scampered away into the surrounding bush. There now was nothing feeding on the bait. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Europe’s Biggest Brown Bears