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Hunting French Roebuck in the French Quercy Region

On June 3, 2017, Sue and I were picked up midafternoon at the Toulouse, France, Airport by Yves Lecocq who had driven a couple of hours from Scelles, France, the location of his and his Continue reading Hunting French Roebuck in the French Quercy Region


Hunting in Hungary

Hungarian red stagThe mist hung over the field. A smell of damp leather, lederhosen, bracken permeated the evening air. The footsteps of a lone stag could be heard on the wet earth. Thirty or so more red deer, rot hirsch, barely perceptible, peered from the fringes of the forest. Continue reading Hunting in Hungary

The Glory Of Poland (Part Two)

huntingeurostylegroup2Most Americans think driven shooting is easy, whether birds or big game. After all, other people drive the animals to you, while you sit in a comfortable chair and wait. What could be easier? Continue reading The Glory Of Poland (Part Two)

Traditional German Driven Game Hunt

There are many hunting traditions in Europe that are still followed by hunters today. Rituals ranging from horn ceremonies calling the hunters to laying out and honoring the game are important elements to hunting traditions. Tim Castagne from Zeiss explains the rituals of a traditional German driven game hunt.