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Three Weeks of Hunting and Sightseeing in Romania

In Munich, I met up with Rob Turner, one of my buddies from Australia, so our flight to Romania was filled with old hunting stories and hopes of new adventures. On the quick drive to the hotel with one of our head hunters, Ciprian, we got filled in on all the possibilities awaiting us on opening day of roebuck. Continue reading Three Weeks of Hunting and Sightseeing in Romania

Great Hunting In Italy!

Thanks to centuries of hunting tradition and good wildlife management, the European continent offers some of the world’s most successful and enjoyable hunting. It’s among relatively few regions of the world where hunting is easily combined with a bit of sightseeing and even vacationing. Some areas have specialized animals such as Spain’s ibex, moose and reindeer in the Nordic region and bears and wolves off to the east, but fairly standard across the continent are red, roe and fallow deer, wild boar and chamois wherever there are mountains, and Europe has lots of mountains. Continue reading Great Hunting In Italy!

Hunting French Roebuck in the French Quercy Region

On June 3, 2017, Sue and I were picked up midafternoon at the Toulouse, France, Airport by Yves Lecocq who had driven a couple of hours from Scelles, France, the location of his and his Continue reading Hunting French Roebuck in the French Quercy Region

Hunting in Hungary

Hungarian red stagThe mist hung over the field. A smell of damp leather, lederhosen, bracken permeated the evening air. The footsteps of a lone stag could be heard on the wet earth. Thirty or so more red deer, rot hirsch, barely perceptible, peered from the fringes of the forest. Continue reading Hunting in Hungary