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Damien Connolly – Engraver and So Much More!

Mini Kentucky rifle Connolly
A 1:15 scale Kentucky long rifle. Fully functional and with a rifled bore of .098″ it weighs just one ounce.

In 1970, a young Vermonter named Winston Gordon Churchill applied for a job as an engraver at Griffin & Howe, then located in New York City. Even with no formal training at the time, Churchill’s talent was so obvious Continue reading Damien Connolly – Engraver and So Much More!

Engraving – Ancient Ornamentation

Scrimshaw and engraving
Engraving began by ornamenting organics in prehistoric times. Today, scrimshaw is still in demand, but it takes a master engraver’s skill to control subtleties that convey the perception of depth as on this rifle’s forestock.
Photograph courtesy of Johann Fanzoj, Ferlach, Austria

The art of engraving has a history that dates back to prehistoric times. Records show that the art of engraving metal is nearly three thousand years old. In its most basic form, engraving is the technique of cutting grooves into the surface of any suitable material so they appear like lines seen face-up. This Continue reading Engraving – Ancient Ornamentation

Gun Engraving Inspiration

It will be dove season soon in many states across the U.S. and hunters will take a variety of shotguns into the field. Those guns will range from family heirlooms that are little more than “working” guns to bespoke works of art. And when it comes to guns as art, it is amazing what quality engravers can do with their small piece of steel canvas. Below are several Fabbri shotguns with extraordinary engraving.  Will one of them inspire the decoration of your next shotgun?

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