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Peter Hofer Jagdwaffen Creates AUTUMN

Ah, autumn! Summer’s heat has dissipated and autumn tip-toes in with its magnificent change of foliage colors and soothing coolness. Excitement pulses through energized sportsmen and women preparing for wingshooting, the enticing panoply of Continue reading Peter Hofer Jagdwaffen Creates AUTUMN

Glamour Guns – Double-Barrelled Beauties

As the days grow a bit shorter and the morning and evening hint at the briskness of Autumn, many of us are thinking about grabbing the shotgun and heading out for dove or quail or pheasant, any of the plentiful opportunities to get out in the field and sharpen our skills, while adding some tasty fare to the larder. While you might not see these particular shotguns in your neck of the woods, you can definitely see their equal on the exhibit floor of the 2018 SCI Convention and Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market. Take a look at the pinnacle of the gun-makers art.

Rigby Showcased Its Exquisite Elephant Gun at SCI Convention

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. showcased its highly anticipated elephant skin engraved London Best .450 Rigby rifle at the SCI Convention.

The exquisite hand engraving, which covers all metal work and required more than 2,000 hours of meticulous craftsmanship, was Continue reading Rigby Showcased Its Exquisite Elephant Gun at SCI Convention

Engraving – Ancient Ornamentation

Scrimshaw and engraving
Engraving began by ornamenting organics in prehistoric times. Today, scrimshaw is still in demand, but it takes a master engraver’s skill to control subtleties that convey the perception of depth as on this rifle’s forestock.
Photograph courtesy of Johann Fanzoj, Ferlach, Austria

The art of engraving has a history that dates back to prehistoric times. Records show that the art of engraving metal is nearly three thousand years old. In its most basic form, engraving is the technique of cutting grooves into the surface of any suitable material so they appear like lines seen face-up. This Continue reading Engraving – Ancient Ornamentation