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The Fickle Fingers of Fate

We had just taken a couple steps away from the bright green juniper when the big bull’s head emerged over the ridgeline.  Pat, my guide, bleated a soft cow call and the bull screamed in response. As he raised his head to bugle, we slowly took a couple steps back to the cover of the juniper. Pat bleated again and then whispered he was fifty yards. I was directly behind my guide and could not really see the bull. Continue reading The Fickle Fingers of Fate

26 Years – Worth the Wait

I’ve been applying in Colorado for Units 1, 2  and 201 for the past 26 years. Finally, in April of 2017, I received word that I had drawn Unit 201. Unit 201 is the northwest corner of the state bordering Wyoming and Utah. It requires at least 25 points, but Colorado Fish and Wildlife started to giving two hybrid permits that can be applied for with only five points. There is usually 1,500+ applications for 27 permits. Continue reading 26 Years – Worth the Wait

Hunting Giant Bull Elk – Dan Adler

For many hunters, the bugle of a fired up, rutting bull elk is the sweetest sound in the woods! In this seminar we welcome back SCI Life Member & USAF Veteran Captain Dan Adler, owner of Diamond Outfitters of Arizona and co-host of The Best of the West TV to share with us top strategies, secrets and tips that separate successful giant bull hunters from tag soup connoisseurs on both early and late seasons! Get there early-standing room only last year!

When Elk Go Away

Archetypal elk hunts bring hunters to wild places horseback. Here: Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness.

Had we climbed faster, we’d have beaten daylight to the basin head. We’d also have missed the elk. A storm, brooding all night in the Madison Range, met us mid-ascent. Dishwater skies wept globs of snow big as marbles. Peaks vanished in cloud; fog erased the valley floor. Continue reading When Elk Go Away