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Lucky Thirteen

The Thompson Omega belched white smoke and we heard the sound of an elk crashing down the mountain, but that is getting ahead of the story. Continue reading Lucky Thirteen

An Elk Hunt Donated Creates Memory Of A Lifetime

In early October 2018, Ronald W. Neldon, U.S. Air Force, Ret., received what he calls “an act of kindness” from the Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF). Neldon is a retired Security Policeman (now called Security Forces) from the U.S. Air Force who spent 20 years working in security, law enforcement and antiterrorism, and is a survivor of the Khobar Towers terrorist truck bomb attack in June 1996. Continue reading An Elk Hunt Donated Creates Memory Of A Lifetime

When Elk Go Away

Archetypal elk hunts bring hunters to wild places horseback. Here: Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness.

Had we climbed faster, we’d have beaten daylight to the basin head. We’d also have missed the elk. A storm, brooding all night in the Madison Range, met us mid-ascent. Dishwater skies wept globs of snow big as marbles. Peaks vanished in cloud; fog erased the valley floor. Continue reading When Elk Go Away

Rarely the Easy Elk

Elk hunting
One misstep on a wet rock landed the author in the middle of the creek and made for a cold walk back to camp.

The canyon was much rougher than I thought it would be. What was supposed to be a quick and easy shortcut back to camp quickly turned into a nightmare experience in blow downs, dead-end trails and sheer rock walls that only lengthened our ordeal. With our Continue reading Rarely the Easy Elk