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Flashback Friday – An Elephant to Remember

SafariJF1988CvrEditor’s Note: On Friday we reach back into the Safari Club International archives and dust off a gem from the past. This week we follow Professional Hunters dealing with the power and determination of the largest land animal. This story first appeared in the January/February 1988 issue of Safari Magazine.

The annual crop raiding was at its peak. Elephant herds -the Continue reading Flashback Friday – An Elephant to Remember

Top Ten African Elephant

When thoughts turn to hunting Africa, one of the indisputable images that comes to mind is invariably one of a charging elephant with ears flaring and trumpeting his rage at being disturbed. While the lion has been called the king of beasts, it is the elephant that rules the African veldt. Modern management techniques and sound biological science, keep populations in many African nations at huntable numbers, but poaching and well intentioned mismanagement still pose a threat. Here are the SCI Record Book Top Ten African Elephant entries.

Elephants Up Close!

Success after days of practice approaches. Denise Welker stalked within 5 paces when she made the shot.
Success after days of practice approaches. Denise Welker stalked within 5 paces when she made the shot.

It was April 2013 when my wife, Denise, and I stepped off the aircraft and onto the tarmac of the small Maun airport in Botswana; this was a dream about to come true. We were met by Ivan Carter’s always smiling face and our videographer, Andy McDonald, whom we had met several years before in Argentina. We Continue reading Elephants Up Close!

The Right Elephant

Bull elephant in brush Zambezi Valley
Getting close is the excitement of elephant hunting. This bull has a way to go before he’s a right elephant.

In the 1970s and ’80s, when a massive wave of commercial poaching swept so much of Africa, the African elephant became a hot topic. The answer from the international community was to ban the commercial sale of elephant ivory. But the elephant was never endangered and the ban itself Continue reading The Right Elephant