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Pre-Ban Elephant Safari

Author's dagga boy
Author’s dagga boy

Little did I know when I booked an elephant hunt that it could be one of the last Zimbabwe elephant hunts where the ivory could be legally imported into the United States. Continue reading Pre-Ban Elephant Safari


Caprivi…At Last

HuntNow1117rightelephantbotswanabullCaprivi–that odd, narrow 300-mile eastward projection from northernmost Namibia is today officially renamed “Zambezi Region.” It is a geopolitical anomaly, a long, Continue reading Caprivi…At Last

What If We Made It Illegal To Try To Help?

Hunting helps fight poaching. Not even the most ardent anti-hunters are prepared to dispute that – because they can’t.

HuntNow1117rightelephantbotswanabullThey can’t argue with the fact that funding generated by hunters in Africa – including and perhaps most importantly the revenues generated by elephant hunting – supports anti-poaching efforts. Continue reading What If We Made It Illegal To Try To Help?

Super Safari!

Elephant hunting Namibia
Namibia’s Caprivi Strip is big, flat country. Professional Hunters and trackers often take advantage of trees when trailing elephant.

An indisputable truth of hunting Africa is that every safari is unique. Ask any veteran with a goodly number of trips under their belt and they will chime a quick affirmation. If things get long-winded, they’ll probably add that the first morning of a safari is the only part that comes close to being predictable. Opening morning, especially that of someone’s freshman effort, was scripted long ago and now bound by circumstance as much as it is by tradition. Continue reading Super Safari!