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Look Before You Eat!

look before you eat
At the flagship Studio Restaurant at Montage, Laguna Beach, California, Executive Chef Craig Strong gives a unique visual spin to the typical oysters on the half shell by dispensing with the shells altogether. These chilled Shigoku oysters are served with micro greens–orange habanero, micro cilantro, red shiso, micro shiso, and micro wasabi–picked daily from the chef’s garden planted just outside the restaurant.

Let’s face it–we spend more time in the wilderness getting “up close and personal” with the great outdoors than most people. We pride ourselves in being not only physically fit and properly outfitted, but being keenly observant, noticing the smallest details such as a bent twig, a tuft of fur or a broken blade of grass.

But what happens to those finely-honed senses of Continue reading Look Before You Eat!