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From the Greatest to the Least–Antelope at the Extremes

Stephanus has eyes that never fail. At the far end of a long open valley, he spotted the herd of eland lying in the shade of the trees on the edge of the hills. The valley is wide and gentle but the slopes that surround it are steep and rocky and covered in thorns with a few marula and fever berry trees. Continue reading From the Greatest to the Least–Antelope at the Extremes

The Little Lady Strikes Again

Lady-and-the-eland-flooding-031716The Zimbabwe bush was surprisingly thick and green for October, owing to the record-breaking precipitation over two consecutive seasons. Our slow drive along the rutted two-track trails through the Continue reading The Little Lady Strikes Again

SCI Record Book Top Central African Giant Eland

The Giant Eland of Central Africa is an outstanding game animal and one of the must have trophies of any African hunter. Because of its habitat, most hunting is by tracking on foot. Once tracks are found, they are followed quickly and often at a trot because the eland are continually on the move. Tracking can take days, in debilitating heat and if the eland become aware of the pursuit, they will bolt, running for miles before slowing down.

Here are the top Central African Giant Eland Entries in the SCI Record Book.


Trophy Hunters & Trophy Wives

Enjoying the beauty of Africa's wilderness.
Enjoying the beauty of Africa’s wilderness.

There is a great tradition of trophy hunters and the beautiful wives who accompany them around the world. When I think of the great beauties who have ventured afield, I am reminded of such legendary couples as Craig Boddington and Donna, Jim Shockey and Louise, as well as Robert E. Petersen and Margie. Continue reading Trophy Hunters & Trophy Wives