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Lesson Plans and Life Lessons

Since he could walk, Owen has been drawn to birds. Whether he was chasing birds on the beach, watching them through binoculars and strategizing how to hunt them or raising them, Owen’s life has always revolved around birds. Continue reading Lesson Plans and Life Lessons

Nebraska Game And Parks Commission Sets 2017-18 Waterfowl Season Dates

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission approved 2017-18 waterfowl season dates during a March 17 meeting in Grand Island.

goose hunterThe Commission adopted waterfowl season orders that include opening the early teal Continue reading Nebraska Game And Parks Commission Sets 2017-18 Waterfowl Season Dates

If It Flies – A Shooting Pro’s Path to Better Wingshooting

MartyFischerwingshootinghnt4evr120413Get the latest tips, tricks and techniques for better wingshooting at the 2014 SCI Convention. For more than three decades, professional wingshooter Marty Fischer has traveled the world in search of the very best wingshooting destinations. And when he’s not chasing birds around the globe, he is often found coaching hunters and shooters on how to improve their wing and clay target shooting skills. With 20 wingshooting trips to South America, more than 30 trips to Mexico, and hunts in South Africa, Spain, Hungary, five Canadian provinces and more than 40 U.S. states to his credit, Fischer has harvested more than 100,000 birds during his wingshooting career.

He has been coaching shooters for more than three decades. and over that time, he has coached and developed a number of sporting clays All-Americans in addition to improving the shotgunning skills of thousands of wingshooting enthusiasts.

This seminar will cover the most important elements of successful shotgunning, drawing from Fischer’s vast wingshooting and coaching experience. Things like choosing the right gun, choke and load, the visual and mental side of shooting, gun mount mechanics, proper balance and muzzle pace, how to be consistent, shooting styles and how and when to use them will be covered with ample time reserved for your questions and observations.

So, here’s your chance to learn from one of America’s finest wingshooters and shooting instructors. If you are looking to improve your wing or clay shooting skills, this is a must-see seminar.