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It was a dark, misty day in southern Sweden. My first stand faced—and was backed—by thick forest, with clear lanes to right and left for maybe 60 yards. Initially, the drive was coming off the hill behind me, but then would pass and return. In other words, I could expect game from any direction. The drive was young when I heard dogs behind me; I swiveled to get ready and there was a pig, dashing across the lane to my right. I thought it was a sow—we weren’t supposed to shoot females—but the truth is that decision was instinctive and instantaneous; I never got the rifle up, and even if I’d tried it would have been too late! Continue reading ART OF THE DRIVEN HUNT

Driven Boar Hunting in Poland

Photo Credit – Tweed Media

A heavy hoar frost works in a hunter’s favor when stealthily waiting for wild boar to be flushed through woodland. A crunchy layer of frozen beech leaves are impossible for trotters to traverse without giving a waiting rifle a handy heads up. Hunting driven boar in Poland is adrenaline-charged and super thrilling. With the beaters’ voices reverberating around the eerie woodland, Continue reading Driven Boar Hunting in Poland

Zeiss: When Success Matters

The hunt ended with a traditional ceremony to honor the game and the hunters

Safari Club International members find that no matter where they go in the world, they are going home – to the home of other members, if not their own. Travel may be international. Hunting is local to wherever the hunt happens to be. Continue reading Zeiss: When Success Matters

Poland in All Its Glory – Part 1

Polish wisent European BisonIt’s a little-known fact that there exists in Poland the last wild herd of European bison, an animal almost identical to the American buffalo of myth and legend. Continue reading Poland in All Its Glory – Part 1