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Finally, My Drilling!

German Drilling Rifle/Shotgun
Another deer falls to the versatile European Drilling.

I was slowly stalking along the edge of a rolling South Dakota meadow and spotted a good set of whitetail deer antlers seemingly floating along the skyline directly ahead. A wide rack with eight or more tall, grey Continue reading Finally, My Drilling!

2013 Convention Seminar–Drillings

gobbler-113012What: The European Drilling–An All-Around Champ
Speaker: Ron Dube
Where: 2013 SCI Convention, Reno
Among the most fascinating guns, drillings have a rich history.  You’ll get that here, first-hand, from Europe.  But life-long hunter and outfitter, Ron Dube, prefers combination guns for hunting stateside, too.  You’ll learn why–and what to look for in drillings and how to get a bargain.
A compelling story-teller, Ron recounts hunts, lists his pet loads and points you to experts who will bring you closer to owning, shooting and hunting with drillings.  Lots of pictures, too.  Don’t miss this talk!

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