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She’s Not A Hunter? Not A Problem In Cordoba

“I’m not sleeping in a tent or going without a proper bathroom.”

That’s the first response many of us receive when asking our wives to come on a hunting adventure.  Hunting with your buddies is a ritual most often enjoyed without Continue reading She’s Not A Hunter? Not A Problem In Cordoba


Getting Better at Incoming/Passing Birds

If you have taken to heart the practice drills we’ve covered on flushing or outgoing birds, then the jump to the incoming birds will not be that difficult. When doing clinics on incoming shots, we separate the incoming bird into two categories — passing or decoying. These can be any bird except the flushing species such as quail, grouse or woodcock, which typically flush and then get back on the ground and “run like the dickens” to get away! Continue reading Getting Better at Incoming/Passing Birds

Shotgun Tips & Tricks – The New Grand Slam

Future SCI President, Paul Babaz, like many of the rest of us, began his hunting carrier as a boy on small game such as rabbits and squirrels and ducks in south Louisiana. This evolved into his passion of big game hunting all over the world and eventually as does happen with many of us as we age his passion turned to quail hunting something he says he just loves to do. Last year he and Joe Hosmer (past President of Safari Foundation) were on a quail hunt Continue reading Shotgun Tips & Tricks – The New Grand Slam

Hunting Camps for Women

women-shooters-bolivia-111716Traditionally, many hunting camps have been the province of men, a camp that isn’t known for its cleanliness, where dirty clothes are never picked up, when used dishes accumulate in the sink, where a lot of burping and worse goes on, where shaving razors are unheard of and the language could peel the paint off the walls. Yes, a typical hunting camp is where males are the sole participants.

But I’ve recently returned from a hunting camp that is the antithesis of the above, one that is ideally Continue reading Hunting Camps for Women