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Iowa Chapter Provides 60,000 Meals To Needy

SCI President Steve Skold, left, and Nels Spevak are shown with the huge bison Skold took on a hunt. He donated all of the meat to help feed the needy.

What started out in 2003 as a modest donation of 400 pounds (about 1,600 meals) of ground buffalo for the Iowa Chapter has now grown to almost 60,000 meals in a short 15 years.

The Iowa Chapter has the Jack Hagens Great Buffalo Giveaway each year, in which game meat is given to the needy. Here, members of the Chapter are shown with packaged bison meat donated by SCI President Steve Skold. From left are Iowa Chapter Past President Ajay Winter and wife Ann, Sue and Steve Skold, Michelle Fox, Iowa Chapter President Dan Folkman and Iowa Chapter Past President Nels Spevak.

With the assistance of fellow board members and their spouses, the Jack Hagens Great Buffalo Giveaway is donated the day before Thanksgiving to three homeless shelters in the Greater Des Moines area and southeast and southwest Iowa, as well.. This is a project we are very proud of.

For the buffalo giveaway this past November, we can’t thank SCI President-Elect Steve Skold and wife Sue enough for participating in this long-running effort. Steve shot a huge bison and donated all the meat.–Nels Spevak