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In Search Of Dik-Diks

In case you were wondering, the odd name comes from Somalia, a simple version of this tiny antelope’s alarm call that, according to our SCI record book, sounds like “zhik-zhik.” Dik-dik is pretty close! The smaller races of dik-dik are almost the smallest animals with hooves and horns; only the tiny royal antelope of the West African forests is consistently smaller. But even the largest, Namibia’s Damara dik-dik, Continue reading In Search Of Dik-Diks


Tactics For The “Tiny Ten”

Every continent has its “small big game.” We have brockets, Asia has muntjacs and mouse deer, Europe has roebuck, and so forth, but no continent is so enriched as Africa with its profusion of pygmy antelopes. Continue reading Tactics For The “Tiny Ten”

From the Greatest to the Least–Antelope at the Extremes

Stephanus has eyes that never fail. At the far end of a long open valley, he spotted the herd of eland lying in the shade of the trees on the edge of the hills. The valley is wide and gentle but the slopes that surround it are steep and rocky and covered in thorns with a few marula and fever berry trees. Continue reading From the Greatest to the Least–Antelope at the Extremes