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Desert Bighorn Sheep Capture and Relocation

At one time, there were only about 500 desert bighorn sheep in Arizona. Today, thanks to Arizona Game & Fish’s (AZGFD) capture and relocation efforts, there are more than 5,000. Here, SCI’s Marc Watts discusses with AZGFD’s Raul Vega how the Department determines source populations, where to relocate sheep, how they are captured and the precautions taken to make sure Arizona’s iconic sheep population remains healthy and growing.

A Sheep On Every Mountain

AZ Game & Fish Commission Chairman, Edward “Pat” Madden (center), AZ Game & Fish Commissioner Eric Sparks (right) and Special Assistant to the Director, Kent Komadina (left)

It’s before dawn and four of us are in a truck bouncing along a potholed road headed out to a remote location for a hunt. The atmosphere is friendly, good-natured ribbing and talk of past successes and failures in the field. It’s deer season in Arizona and scenes Continue reading A Sheep On Every Mountain

Desert Bighorn Capture and Release

Recently Safari Club International was fortunate to be selected to cover a live capture and release of 30 Desert Bighorn sheep. We were able to capture the entire event and present a small teaser gallery of just a few of the images taken during the capture and release. More detailed articles and videos will be coming soon.

Scrivens Ram – Back Home in the Desert

Scrivens-Ram-profile-080416Known as the “Scrivens” ram, this desert bighorn has travelled a whole lot more since a meat hunter took it in 1942 than it ever did when it was walking and running around on its own four hooves. Continue reading Scrivens Ram – Back Home in the Desert