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The Latest Information About African Leopards

SCI and the SCI Foundation are working together to respond to the latest attempt by anti-hunting groups to interfere with sustainable use conservation.  Most recently, these animal rights groups have focused their efforts on African leopards.

In response to a petition filed in July 2016 by the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, Center for Biological Diversity, International Fund for Animal Welfare and Fund for Animals, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a 90-day finding that an endangered listing for all African leopards currently listed as threatened “may be warranted.”   Continue reading The Latest Information About African Leopards


The Making Of Rigby’s Best

This year, one SCI Member will leave Convention able to say they own what Rigby’s Managing Director, Marc Newton, calls Rigby’s “best .275 bolt rifle ever made.” When the hammer falls Saturday night, the winning bidder of the World Heritage Rifle celebrating hunting in Asia will own that gun; one meticulously patterned after Jim Corbett’s original .275 Rigby rifle famous for its role in ending the carnage cause by some of the most infamous maneaters ever documented.

Jim Corbett and the Rudraprayag leopard.
Jim Corbett and the Rudraprayag leopard.

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Stopping Power

We had been working on this bunch of half a dozen bull elephant for an hour, trying to get a shot at the biggest tusker, who seemed always to be shielded by the others. What little wind there was had been constantly shifting and they knew we were there, had got our taint. Now one of them had had enough; he spun round out of the herd and came. My mind raced—amazing how fast it works under these circumstances, seconds seem almost like hours—run, or stand and shoot? Continue reading Stopping Power

Long Range, Dangerous Game-Tack Drivers and Big Bores

Remington's Model 700 Target Tactical
Remington’s Model 700 Target Tactical

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a surge of interest these days in taking game at extreme ranges. As to what constitutes extreme range, that’s highly subjective, and in large part depends on one’s field and range experience, as well as equipment. I mean, to the guy who’s spent a lifetime hunting whitetails in tight cover and uses a lever-action .30/30 pushing traditional flat-point bullets, 200 yards would be extreme range. An experienced shooter, on the other hand, behind a Continue reading Long Range, Dangerous Game-Tack Drivers and Big Bores