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.416 – Best Bet For The Biggest Big Game

The morning air was chill as we poled silently down the channel, hearing the dawn chatter of birds and monkeys as we glided past palm islands. We turned a corner and a buffalo bull stood on the bank, alone, mature, good bosses, nice curl. Ronnie MacFarlane ground his pole into soft mud and I did the same, getting some Continue reading .416 – Best Bet For The Biggest Big Game

A TALE OF TWO “.450s”

Planning the perfect safari battery is always a challenge. With Africa’s great variety it’s almost impossible to be perfectly armed for everything one might encounter. In the old days, the African battery was typically three rifles: “Light” for small to medium plains game; “medium” for the largest antelope and perhaps lion; and a “heavy” for the big stuff — and sometimes it’s fun to have a shotgun as well! Continue reading A TALE OF TWO “.450s”

Heym’s Fantastic Bolt Gun

Author with his Heym Express .404 and his Zimbabwean elephant.
Author with his Heym Express .404 and his Zimbabwean elephant.

M’Butha spread the sticks, cigarette in mouth to check the wind, and nodded toward the bull. Not twenty yards away stood twelve feet of elephant in musth, weeping gland clearly visible, and PH “Cowboy” Tim Schultz smiling slightly and nodding in affirmation. “In his heart” was all he had to whisper. My hands, gripping slightly more than Continue reading Heym’s Fantastic Bolt Gun

Big Things In The Water

Hippo Hunt, Fisherman Polling boat
A fisherman volunteered to handle this recovery, earning a nice tip and all the meat he could carry away in the process. He polled the hippo nearly 200 yards to a sloped bank, where a waiting throng quickly handled the butchering.

If looks could kill, the mean-mugging woman on the fishing boat would have done for us all right there and then kicked our corpses straight to Hell without a flutter of remorse. As circumstance kindly permitted, we passed close enough to give her a good and proper judging right Continue reading Big Things In The Water