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Designing Your Dream Firearm


At the 2014 SCI Annual Convention join Gene Shuey as he lets you in on the secrets to realizing your dream firearm. Getting your custom or dream firearm can be a dream come true – or a heart breaker. Many customers think they know what their dream firearm should look like. This is most likely not true.

Let’s examine the process between the customer and the master gunmaker to achieve his dream. The first question should be to ask, “What is the purpose and function of the gun, and what do you want on it?” Very rarely will this be compatible. It is the next step where the design of the dream gun is being born. It is the communication between the master and the customer, asking the right subsequent questions. Developing the pathway to create an even better dream firearm and how to accomplish this is what this seminar is all about.




Rigby Returns to London!


To celebrate their return to London, John Rigby and Co. have donated an example of their new London Best model in .416 Rigby for SCI’s 42nd Annual  Convention and Ultimate Hunters’ Market. The Rigby name has long been associated with the finest and most reliable bolt action rifles for African use. For Rigby enthusiast around the world, the stars have aligned with Rigby working with Mauser once more. In the early 20th century, Rigby held the sole agency in London for Mauser actions and rifles. The .416 Rigby was introduced in 1912, built on the proven magnum Mauser action. Renowned for its power and penetration, the .416 Rigby is still among the best cartridges for large or dangerous game. The London Best model is inspired by these historic pre-1940 Rigbys. This donation rifle is built on a classic single square bridge Mauser action, with a claw extractor, and three-position, Mauser-style safety. The stock is of select-grade Turkish walnut, with excellent figure, 14.5-in. Length Of Pull to center, including a leather covered pad. Other features include express sights regulated for 65, 150 and 250 yards, Rigby integral quarter rib, brass front sight with flip up night sight for easy target acquisition in low light, stepped 24-in. Classic Rigby barrel, Rigby scroll engraving with gold logo on floor plate and best English leather case with accessories. This is your chance to get one of the first of the new London-made Rigbys in a classic caliber. Usual retail price for a rifle of this quality and grade is £30,000 ($48,300 US). For more information, contact Marc Newton at marcn@johnrigbyandco.co or +07951264819.