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Variety – It’s What You Find among Convention Exhibitors!

showfloorrigbyhuntforever020814As an attendee at the 2014 SCI Convention you’d expect to find firearms of all kinds and professional hunters and outfitters that can set you up for any adventure from fishing the warm waters of Mexico to African hunts, but that’s just a part of the products and services you’ll find on the exhibit floor. Want to see how the craftsmen at Rigby create and fine tune a fine turkish walnut stock? At this year’s Convention you can see it happen before your eyes. Ever wonder how the artists and sculptors are able showfloorsculpt020814to achieve such life like detail in their art? Watch the sculptor create a bust by adding and gently shaping the clay to bring out the character and personality of the subject. Fine Jewelry, clothing, camo, watches…if you can wear it you’ll probably find it on the show floor. With this wide range of craftsmen and artists odds are if you want it you can find it here!

SCI Auction features Dakota 76 Safari & African Rifles

Dakota 76 African in .416 Rigby
Dakota 76 African in .416 Rigby

Get in on the excitement of the SCI Auctions online! This year Remington Arms – Dakota Arms (The Freedom Group) has donated a Dakota 76 Safari Rifle in .300 Win. Mag. and a Dakota 76 African Rifle in .416 Rigby. The Model 76 exemplifies the very best of bolt-action innovation with the exquisite lines and impeccable shot-to-shot precision created only through the individual attention of Dakota craftsmen. The ultimate platform for a mid-bore hunting rifle, the .300 Win. Mag. Safari is Dakota’s most popular rifle, a perfect blend of form and function. The magazine’s four round capacity plus the guaranteed 1-in. accuracy of all Dakota rifles gives the shooter the confidence to make the shot count. The largest framed

Dakota 76 Safari in .300 Win. Mag
Dakota 76 Safari in .300 Win. Mag

Model 76 rifle, the African’s stock is designed to reduce the perceived recoil and muzzle climb of big bore rifles, and it still holds four .416 Rigby cartridges in the magazine. These are both beautiful rifles, fully engraved with fleur de lis checkering on special select English walnut, with a jeweled bolt, full-coverage engraving with a sable and a Cape buffalo on the respective floorplates and gold wire borders. Each has a French grey receiver and sub-MOA accuracy. Both rifles are equipped with Leupold scopes with Talley quick-release rings and are stored in a custom Americase.

Rigby Donates London Best model in .416 Rigby for SCI Auction


To celebrate their return to London, John Rigby and Co. have donated an example of their new ‘London Best’ model in .416 Rigby for SCI’s 42nd Annual Hunters’ Convention. The Rigby name has long been associated with the finest and most reliable bolt action rifles for African use. For Rigby enthusiast around the world, the stars have aligned with Rigby working with Mauser once more. In the early 20th century, Rigby held the sole agency in London for Mauser actions and rifles. The .416 Rigby was introduced in 1912, built on the well proven magnum Mauser action. Renowned for its power and penetration, it is still among the best cartridges for large or dangerous game. The London Best model from Rigby is inspired by these historic pre-1940 Rigbys. This donation rifle is built on a classic single square bridge Mauser action, with a claw auctionrigbybridgehuntforever013014extractor, and three-position, Mauser-style safety. The stock is of select-grade Turkish walnut, with excellent figure, 14.5-in. LOP to center, including a leather covered pad. Other features include express sights regulated for 65, 150 and 250 yards, Rigby integral quarter rib, brass front sight with flip up night sight for easy target acquisition in low light, stepped 24-in. Classic Rigby barrel, Rigby scroll engraving with gold logo on floor plate and best English leather case with accessories. This is your chance to get one of the first of the new London-made Rigbys in a classic caliber. Usual retail price for a rifle of this quality and grade is £30,000 ($48,300 US) Bid on this beautiful firearm at the 2014 Convention & Auction or online.

As Good As It Gets–Peter Hofer and the Art of the Firearm

PeterHoferKopiefullriflehuntforever012914Imagine a gun maker so passionately creative that one’s grandest wishes for the most fanciful firearms come to dazzling realization as if crafted by a fairytale genie. Imagine a gun maker so driven toward perfection and of such technological sophistication that the laws of physics are dared to interfere with his genius. If your mind can vault these challenges, you can grasp, indeed, absorb, the art of master gun maker Peter Hofer.

Brilliant mechanical solutions do not sufficiently illuminate the breadth and depth of Peter Hofer’s artistry, whether on the grandest scale or the most petit. Sequential safeties and trigger selectors for three, four, even five barrel firearms, have been crafted. Fabricating .17 HMR rifled barrels for the world’s smallest double rifle (0.9 kg) as thin as soda straws yet strong enough to fire tens of thousands of rounds has been achieved. The world’s smallest side-by-side rifle with shotgun barrel below (1.7 kg), the smallest over/under shotgun rifle (1.9 kg) and the world’s largest double barrel rifle calibre 4 bore (13.5 kg) have been brought to reality in Peter Hofer’s shop in Ferlach, Austria, the ‘city of gunsmiths.’

peterhoferwaterfowlsideplatehuntforever012914Technology and artistic advances launch Peter Hofer firearms into the realm of the sublime. Development of the effective spring and firing pin system to fire the .22 Hornet and the .410 cartridges of the tiny “Butterfly” double rifle/double shotgun combination required four years.

The TechnicArt, a side-by-side .375 H & H Magnum, has a built in altimeter, thermometer, watch, shot counter, digital compass and even a GPS tracking system, activated and deactivated by a mobile phone, which, when the firearms is moved, sends a message by satellite allowing it to be located within one meter. The dazzling .375 H & H Magnum side-by-side Tiger rifle boasts Buttini engraving of 8,000 dots per square millimeter, game scenes in yellow, orange, green, red and white gold and the application of a new enamel technique.

Peter Hofer handcrafts firearms in a mind-numbing forty-two different barrel combinations, over three hundred calibers and a dozen different systems. Some of his walnut burr stock blanks are nine hundred years old and seem to emit an inner luminescence. “Peter Hofer,” one writer wrote, peterhofersideplatetigerhuntforever012914“does not compete against colleagues in the gun making fraternity. He is in a world of his own.” The statement is not an exaggeration. Peter Hofer crafts the most extraordinary firearms the human species can create. See more of Peter’s work at SCI Convention Booth 1813. To the degree that photographs can accurately convey truth, the work of Peter Hofer can be experienced by visiting his website: www.hoferwaffen.com.– Michael Sabbeth