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Griffin & Howe

Seymour Griffin 1903 Springfield rifle
One of the earliest known rifles made by Seymour Griffin, and now in the author’s collection, featuring his now-classic sharply sloped cutaway in the stock by the bolt.

Around the turn of the last century, American sportsmen were transitioning from black powder to smokeless and from single shots and lever guns to bolt actions. World War I accelerated the crank-handled rifle’s appeal, and by the Continue reading Griffin & Howe

Custom Firearms Gallery

We have showcased a lot of custom and highly engraved firearms here. It dawns on us how appropriate that we call this a gallery, as these are truly works of art. Make no mistake, these may be dressed for the ball, but they are also capable of doing the job they were created for. Enjoy this retrospective of the customs of 2014.

Johann Fanzoj Custom Rifle

Our gallery featuring the breath taking Ivory Hunter rifle from Johann Fanzoj was one of our most popular. The response was so positive, the company provided this video showing the rifle in more detail. Enjoy!

World Heritage Rifle Series – Celebrating International Hunters & Their Trophies

Hunt Forever Custom Rifles
John Bolliger, second from right, and John Bolliger Jr., left, join SCI CEO Phil DeLone, second from left, and the author at the John Bolliger’s Mountain Riflery booth during the past SCI Convention in Las Vegas.

Safari Club International is joining four top riflemakers to create a series of five rifles that celebrate the heritage of both hunting and gunmaking by focusing on five different continental regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas). Starting with the 2015 SCI Hunters’ Convention, one rifle will be auctioned off to the highest bidder each year. Continue reading World Heritage Rifle Series – Celebrating International Hunters & Their Trophies