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Glamour Guns – Double-Barrelled Beauties

As the days grow a bit shorter and the morning and evening hint at the briskness of Autumn, many of us are thinking about grabbing the shotgun and heading out for dove or quail or pheasant, any of the plentiful opportunities to get out in the field and sharpen our skills, while adding some tasty fare to the larder. While you might not see these particular shotguns in your neck of the woods, you can definitely see their equal on the exhibit floor of the 2018 SCI Convention and Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market. Take a look at the pinnacle of the gun-makers art.

The Rifles of David Miller Co.

David Miller and Curt Crum are unique in the world of custom rifle manufacturing. These are rifles made by hunters for hunters. Not just the seasonal deer and elk hunter, but people who use their rifles so much they have to have shot out barrels replaced. David Miller Continue reading The Rifles of David Miller Co.

Custom Firearms Gallery

We have showcased a lot of custom and highly engraved firearms here. It dawns on us how appropriate that we call this a gallery, as these are truly works of art. Make no mistake, these may be dressed for the ball, but they are also capable of doing the job they were created for. Enjoy this retrospective of the customs of 2014.

Fausti Arms Classic British Side by Side

Fausti Arms has donated a gorgeous side-by-side model Dea British in 20 gauge for the 2015 SCI Annual Convention and Auction. The Dea model is a unique and elegant example of Italian craftsmanship,  finely crafted and highly engraved and built on a true 20 gauge frame.  This beautiful shotgun boasts a traditional English straight stock, wood pad, classic steel grip cap and splinter forend. An extraordinary interpretation of the traditional gold inlay technique known since Egyptian times has been brought back to life by the Engraving Masters at Fausti. The grace and elegance of this unique and exclusive model is second to none and the contrasting colors make it particularly refined. Other details include 28-inch blue barrels, automatic ejectors and a single trigger. A beautiful, fully accessorized leather case is included.

Value of the gun (100% donation) is $ 26,000.