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Peter Hofer Jagdwaffen Creates AUTUMN

Ah, autumn! Summer’s heat has dissipated and autumn tip-toes in with its magnificent change of foliage colors and soothing coolness. Excitement pulses through energized sportsmen and women preparing for wingshooting, the enticing panoply of Continue reading Peter Hofer Jagdwaffen Creates AUTUMN


Glamour Guns – When Firearms Do Tell The Story

When viewing historic firearms, it is often mused: “What if this gun could talk….” The inference is that the firearm would relay significant information about where it had been or what happened in its presence. This, of course, is not possible. Continue reading Glamour Guns – When Firearms Do Tell The Story

Glamour Guns – Republic Forge Quality 1911 Pistols

Case colored 1911
In addition to modern Damascus and several Cerakote color finishes, Republic Forge offers a gorgeous color case finish option.

Republic Forge in Perryton, TX is the realization of Benny J. Deal’s lifelong dream of building high-end, custom, true all American-made 1911 pistols. “Anybody can build good pistols,” Deal explains, “but we weren’t interested in doing just that. We wanted to build very Continue reading Glamour Guns – Republic Forge Quality 1911 Pistols

H-S Precision Unveils Tom Houghton Tribute Rifle

H-S Precision, announced a limited production rifle commemorating Tom Houghton Sr. A passionate benchrest competitor, Mr. Houghton set three world accuracy records using his own cut-rifled barrels and founded H-S Precision in 1978. The Limited Production Tribute Rifle is a Long Range hunting rifle based on Mr. Houghton’s original world record rifle. Only 50 of these rifles will be made.

The stock, which is done in a red, white, and blue color scheme, is an H-S Precision Pro-Series features fiberglass reinforced with Kevlar and unidirectional carbon fiber, hand-laid around a full length aluminum bedding block. The stainless steel Pro-Series barreled action sports a newly designed receiver with a minimal ejection port and a tactical bolt handle. Each rifle will be engraved with a limited edition, one-of-a-kind “Tom Sr.” serial number. Making this rifle truly unique, the tribute rifle can be ordered in any commercial caliber for which H-S Precision chambers.

Tim Houghton, Vice President and COO, said “My dad was always an inspiration to me, and being able to memorialize him with a special rifle was something I had wanted to do for quite some time. Every detail of this project was important to me. We really tried to bring the essence of his original rifle into the modern world. I am happy I get to share a project that means so much to me with the entire firearms community.”