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CRKT Hunters

In its extensive 100-plus page catalog, Columbia River Knife & Tool Company (CRKT) lists 44 different custom cutlery makers they have called upon to design many of their edged products. Custom knife craftsmen include Ken Onion, Ken Steigerwalt, Russ Kommer and others who have extensive experience both as knife makers and outdoorsmen. Combine that with top-drawer materials and quality Continue reading CRKT Hunters


Grandpa’s Favorite – CRKT’s New Hunter

CRKT's Grandpa's Favorite is a perfect companion in the field.
CRKT’s Grandpa’s Favorite is a perfect companion in the field.

In many families, passing down a prized possession from one generation to another has become an honored tradition. In such a manner, my father’s 20-gauge Remington Model 31 pump-gun now resides in my own gun safe. And on occasion it still sees service in the field. Not only firearms, but also knives often see their way from grandfather-to-father-to-son, or daughter.

Russ Kommer, former licensed guide in Idaho and Alaska, and Continue reading Grandpa’s Favorite – CRKT’s New Hunter