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Whitetail Season

whitetailbuckhuntforever052114At every convention, including ours just past, there are certain questions I’m sure to be asked, usually several times. One goes like, “What’s your favorite game animal?” That’s not an easy one Continue reading Whitetail Season


Texas Aoudad

West Texas Aoudad
Hunter Ross and Boddington with a very big free-range aoudad from West Texas. Perhaps because of the stigma of being “non-native” this is a greatly underestimated hunt for a spectacular animal!

We saw him again on the last afternoon. He was big-bodied and heavy in the shoulders, with a tawny coat like an old lion. What stood out, though, were his long, flowing mane and chaps, rippling in the breeze and seeming to drag the ground. He was standing on a cliff Continue reading Texas Aoudad

A Tough Season

This Kansas buck was a faint glimmer in a tough hunting season.
This Kansas buck was a faint glimmer in a tough hunting season.

In so many ways I’m glad to get 2014 behind me, and get on a bright, shiny New Year! Despite the best planning luck is always a major factor in hunting, and in my experience luck runs in series, both good and bad. So some seasons are really good, others Continue reading A Tough Season

The Third Tur – Hunting the Mid-Caucasian Tur

Mid-Caucasian Tur, Hunting
Wisconsin SCI member Adam Biondoch with a truly exceptional mid-Caucasian tur.

We ascended the Caucasus first on horseback, then on foot, partly leading and partly pulling the horses up a steep, narrow trail. Cliffs rose dizzyingly above us, and I wondered exactly what I’d gotten myself into. My hunting partner, Adam Biondich of Continue reading The Third Tur – Hunting the Mid-Caucasian Tur