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Something For Everyone At Convention

This year’s Convention Feb. 5-8 in Reno, NV will have something for people of all ages. There will be a Convention Youth Activity Pavilion that will include a fish tank, archery targets, and Sensory Safari. Continue reading Something For Everyone At Convention

SCI Convention Seminars

The SCI Convention is the one stop shop for hunts, guns, art and pretty much anything an outdoor enthusiast could want. While the shopping is great, don’t overlook the valuable information you can find in our exclusive seminars.

Feb 08, 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Location: A18 (RSCC > )

Jim-Shockey-head-shot-100912Enjoy this one-hour seminar on Jim’s latest and greatest big game hunting adventures from around the world. Renowned hunter and tv personality, Jim Shockey, will hold an informal question and answer session.  This seminar illustrates, via over-the-shoulder, as-it-happened video, the physical and mental challenges, the extreme weather conditions, the difficult shots, and the political and environmental dangers that go into hunting in some of the most remote, inhospitable places on earth.

Feb 07, 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Location: A11 (RSCC > )

Denny Geurink has spent nearly three decades hunting and outfitting in the “Land of the Bear”.  Invited to the former Soviet Union via the Gorbachev government back in 1990, he will talk about his first trip to “The Evil Empire” as President Reagan referred to the Soviet Union at the time. He will talk about encounters with the KBG, harrowing bear attack stories, hair-raising adventures in Siberia and a look at people, food and culture.

Feb 06, 11:00AM – 12:30PM

Location: A13 (RSCC > )

Dave Holt made his debut-hunting trip to the game-rich continent of Africa in 1976.  He now spends six to seven months there each yearIn this presentation, Dave shares his enthusiasm and expertise for bowhunting in southern African.  Novice or expert you will enjoy and learn from Dave’s practical hands-on approach and experience.

This fascinating pictorial seminar covers topics such as arranging your trip, archery equipment, trophy judging, shot placement, common shooting mistakes, shooting distances, blinds, and clothing. Dave also covers the best time of year to bow hunt, travel arrangements, packing suggestions, and health and safety concerns.

Creating Stunning Game Rooms

Tom Julian of Julian & Sons has amped-up his popular Convention seminar on planning and designing your trophy room by adding input from a trio of experts in their related fields —renowned wildlife artist John Banovich, Brush Country Studio master taxidermist and habitat designer Chris Cammack and noted architect and big game hunter Gustavo Arrendondo. During the seminar, each specialist will address all the aspects of planning, designing and building your trophy room.

“A trophy room is about the individual, not the animals,” Julian tells me as we discuss the revamped seminar. The four aspects of a great trophy room that the seminar covers are the structural, mechanical, functional and aesthetic qualities.

“[A]rt plays a major factor in balancing a room,” says Julian. “You want to make this space a functional part of your home, where you, your family and friends will want to spend time together enjoying the passion of your outdoor hunting lifestyle.”

As Julian and I discussed the new seminar, he pointed out how much things have changed in taxidermy as taxidermists venture out beyond pre-made forms and into truly custom creations. “What we can do now with taxidermy is a game changer,” he says.

Game rooms are unique structures and the Julians often encounter architects, builders and interior designers who are great at what they do but are unfamiliar with the hunting world and unaware of the particular requirements of game rooms and gun rooms. Early in the design phase, it is easy to correct misconceptions about ceiling heights or window placement and simple to specify interior surfaces that allow flexible arrangement of taxidermy.

Lighting can be arranged to accommodate individual displays and mounts while concrete vaults can be embedded and hidden for collectibles and security. Later in construction, it becomes much costlier and more difficult to revise the design or make substantive changes to the plan, which is why you want someone specifically familiar with hunting and game rooms on your team.

Julian notes that their most successful projects occur when they are able to participate in a project at the conceptual phase — then see it through to the final finish. “Gustavo, he gets it,” says Julian of the architect/hunter, which is why he is part of the new seminar.

Creating a classic game room takes passion, vision and commitment. The most visually stunning and emotionally charged game rooms are created when the individual contributors work toward the client’s overarching goal, not toward their own artistic agenda. Knowing and recognizing the importance of experience and collaboration among the various players is what this seminar gives you.–Scott Mayer

The Hidden War – Fighting For America’s Wildlife

Lt. John Nores Jr. returns to Convention to present an important new seminar.

As team leader for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Special Operations Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) Nores has literally been on the front lines in the fight to stop international drug trafficking organizations from destroying the wildlife, wetlands and waterways throughout the U.S.

Nores will cover cartel environmental crime trends and highlight team development and the use of incredible K9 officers to help stop the decimation of our national wildlife resources by these clandestine groups.

He will also address the impact and effects the legalization of recreational cannabis has had on our wildlife populations and habitat as well as what SCI members and other conservation organizations can do to help in this fight.

Specializing in public and private land Drug Trafficking Organization narcotics tactics and related environmental crime enforcement and training for the last 15 years, Nores has presented for the California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA), the Nevada Narcotics Officers Association (NNOA), and numerous other conventions and conferences all over the country.