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Safari Club Closes Convention with Grand Finale!

Lance Norris (r) and Skip Donau (l)
Lance Norris (r) and Skip Donau (l)

The Safari Club International Convention for 2014 wrapped up with a Grand Finale Awards dinner and concert with legendary rock band Chicago. While attendees were encouraged to pull out all the stops to have a good time, it is important to remember the real reason we put on this show every year and recognize the contributions to our hunting heritage that keeps Safari Club International on the front lines, defending our right to hunt. After a brief opening from Convention Sponsor Larry Potterfield of Midway USA, SCI President Craig Kauffman and CEO Phil DeLone spoke about the state of SCI, what plans are in the works for

Diana Award Winner Olivia Nalos Opre (l)
Olivia Nalos Opre (l) and Renee Snider (r)

enhancing the benefits of membership and what role SCI plays and will continue to play in the ongoing fight to preserve our hunting legacy. Perhaps most importantly, the finale was an opportunity to honor three individuals who personify the mission of Safari Club International. The winner of the Hall of Fame Award was presented to Lance Norris for his tireless efforts on behalf of SCI. The Diana Award was presented to Olivia Nalos Opre, in recognition of her many achievements in pursuit of this award despite the vitriolic attacks from anti-hunters, including death threats, this past year.

Kenneth Barr (r) and SCI President-Elect Larry Higgins
Kenneth Barr (r) and SCI President-Elect Larry Higgins (l)

The international Hunting Award was presented to Kenneth Barr, whose efforts to spread the mission of SCI has made him a beacon for others hoping to match his skill and dedication to hunting worldwide. SCI thanks these stellar individuals and all SCI members for making this another spectacular convention.