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SCI Central Missouri Chapter Deer Hunters Donate Venison To Local Charities

The Central Missouri Chapter is a sponsor of the Share the Harvest program. During the 2017-2018 seasons, hunters donated 19,247 pounds of venison.   Continue reading SCI Central Missouri Chapter Deer Hunters Donate Venison To Local Charities


Deer Hunters Donate Venison for Charities

grilled venison steaks
The Central Missouri Chapter of SCI paid for the processing of 460 whole deer that were donated to food charities.

The Share the Harvest Program, sponsored by the Central Missouri Chapter of Safari Club International, donated 28,300 pounds of venison during the 2011/2012 seasons.   “We really appreciate the venison donations by deer hunters in this area for they come at a time when there is a great need for food by charities in central Missouri,” said Earl Cannon, Chapter program coordinator.

The Conservation Federation of Missouri and the Central Missouri Chapter of SCI paid the processing cost for 460 whole deer.  “Our chapter thanks the deer hunters, meat processors, charities, Missouri Department of Conservation, Conservation Federation of Missouri, Safari Club International Foundation, Missouri Food Bank Association, Missouri Department of Economic Development, Governor Jay Nixon, news media, chapter members and all others who helped make the program so successful,” said Jim Lightsey, Chapter president.


Central Missouri Chapter Wish Hunts

In Dec. 2011, the Central Missouri Chapter hosted hunts for Tyler Huffmann, Riley Tade and Clay Miller at Halls Creek Outfitters a few miles southeast of Fulton. There were about 50 attendees, including families of the hunters and members of the Central Missouri Chapter.  Tyler Huffman, a wounded veteran who took an elk, commented that he had wanted to hunt elk since he was a child.  Riley Tade and Clay Miller, the two youths, both tagged whitetail bucks.  Several chapter board members helped fellow board member Walter Coleman who coordinated the event.

L to R: Clay Miller, Walter Coleman (representative from our Chapter), Tyler Huffman,Bill Moore (our Chapter’s Safari Wish coordinator), and Riley Tade.
Riley Tade with his 8 point, 110-120 class deer.

Mark Tade, Riley’s grandfather, commented: “Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and everyone associated with the Central Missouri Chapter of Safari Club International for the hunt that my grandson Riley was able to enjoy.  He will never forget it nor will Steve and myself.  It was very special to me to be included and be a part of a three-generation experience.  The hospitality, the accommodations, the food, and everything was over the top on your part.  Thanks for partnering with Halls Creek Outfitters to make this possible for these three guys, who will be ever thankful.  Please pass my thanks on to all involved. I know it was a big effort on everyone’s part.”

Clay Miller with his 11 point, 120-130 class deer.

Ruth Woodson said, “Got home fine on Monday, stopped in Rolla and got pictures made to take to scouts with us. The scouts were really impressed with Clay’s big deer. Clay went to school and showed the teachers and kids and they really liked the deer too.  Don’t know how to say thanks to all your members for giving Clay a chance to be a real boy.  This really put him a cut above some of the boys in school.  The best to all of you this blessed season of the Lord’s birth. See you when we come and pick up the deer.”

Tyler Huffman with his 6×6, 320 score elk.

Tyler Huffman grew up in Millersburg and went to Fulton High School.  The 24-year-old spent 3 1/2 years as a Marine, and was deployed to Afghanistan the beginning of October 2010.   On December 3, 2010, while on patrol, he was shot in the right side of his chest.  He was flown to a medical hospital in Germany and finally ended up in Richmond, Virginia, for two months.  Tyler got home to Fulton with his wife and their 1 1/2-year-old son, Matthew, on March 5, 2011.  The shooting left him unable to move his legs, but Tyler said he still wants to be active and he “loves to be outside”.  He has been very surprised by the number of people who don’t know him personally, but still want to show their support.  Tyler said the hunt was something he probably would not have been able to do without SCI.  He said it was the best time he’s had and then he said thank you the best way possible–with the big smile on his face!