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Flashback Friday – Bonus Bull

SafariCoverMarApr1980Editor’s Note: On Fridays we reach back into the vast SCI Archive and dust off a gem from a previous issue. This week we go back to 1979 and tag along on an Alaska hunt for monster caribou. This story originally appeared in the March/April 1980 issue of Safari Magazine.

The thick growth of tundra provided a comfortable bed in which to enjoy the warm Alaska sun. Blue sky and a sparkling river highlighted the surrounding mountains. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Bonus Bull

Flashback Friday – First Caribou

safarimagMA1998Editor’s Note: On Friday we dig deep into the extensive Safari Club archives and revive a story from our past. This week we follow a young huntress and her father as they travel to Alaska to hunt caribou. This story first appeared in the March/April 1998 issue of Safari Magazine.

For more than a year, my dad and I planned a trip to Alaska to hunt caribou. But this would not be my first hunt. My dad is a Continue reading Flashback Friday – First Caribou