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And Then There Was Africa

It’s a year later and the immensity of the adventure of my first trip to Africa is still nearly overwhelming. The culture, wildlife, the tradition of the Safari and the hunt offer more than enough story line. Continue reading And Then There Was Africa

A Buffalo Trails Triumvirate

The Rukometchi River is a tributary of the great Zambezi and is also the western border of Mana Pools National Park. In July 2018, the Rukometchi was a dry sand river dividing the Park from the Nyakasanga hunting concession. It was nostalgic to be back at Mana Pools, where 16 years earlier I had been part of a team that had darted and radio-collared a lioness for science. That work was funded by the Safari Club International Foundation and SCI Alaska and was performed under direction of Senior Park Ecologist Norman Monks. Now, a decade and a half later I was back on the wide flood plains and muddy pans of the Zambezi River valley with sights, sounds and smells that brought back memories of that lioness.   Continue reading A Buffalo Trails Triumvirate

Who’s The Boss?

So, as the story goes, a friend of mine, his PH, and a new cameraman closed with a buffalo herd and my friend was preparing to shoot a big, old bull. Except the cameraman couldn’t figure out which one to focus on. The PH kept saying, “The big boss, man, it’s the big boss.” Eventually the herd spooked, no shots fired. The cameraman could only say, “How am I supposed to know which one was the boss?” Continue reading Who’s The Boss?

Armchair Safari – The African Buffalo by F. Jackson

The Badminton Library, whose volumes were printed in 1894, was one of the first anthologies on big game hunting. The African Cape buffalo section was authored by well known East Africa resident, hunter and government officer, F. Jackson. The following account of a buffalo hunt he once had in the Arusha-wa-chini district in March 1887 will serve as an illustration of the buffalo’s cunning, ferocity and vitality. Continue reading Armchair Safari – The African Buffalo by F. Jackson