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Bullets Are More Than Just Projectiles

I guess I’m just showing my age, but I can remember when a bullet…was a bullet… was a bullet. If you used factory ammo, that meant a Remington Core-Lokt or a Winchester Power Point. Yes, they also offered the Bronze Point and Silvertip, respectively, but I’d bet that 60 percent of the lead sent downrange during hunting seasons were those two bullets. Continue reading Bullets Are More Than Just Projectiles


Two Great and Totally Different Bullets from Swift

Swift A-Frame Bullets
Boddington and PH Mark Haldane with a nice Mozambique buffalo taken cleanly with a new Rigby in .416 Rigby, shooting 400-grain Swift A-Frames.

The bull was quartering to me at the edge of the herd, close enough that there was no reason to range him, probably 60 yards. I nestled the bead into the notch, got it on the point of the on-shoulder, and Continue reading Two Great and Totally Different Bullets from Swift

Stopping Power

We had been working on this bunch of half a dozen bull elephant for an hour, trying to get a shot at the biggest tusker, who seemed always to be shielded by the others. What little wind there was had been constantly shifting and they knew we were there, had got our taint. Now one of them had had enough; he spun round out of the herd and came. My mind raced—amazing how fast it works under these circumstances, seconds seem almost like hours—run, or stand and shoot? Continue reading Stopping Power

Barnes X-Bullet Celebrates 25 Years


In 1985, Randy Brooks conceived the idea of an all-copper hunting bullet. He began with 10 handmade bullets, and after successful testing, took 20 with him to Alaska in the spring of 1986 to hunt brown bear. The load was a 270-gr. .375 H&H and the bear he took was 9 ft. 6” and a new era in hunting bullets began.  Since its handmade beginnings, the X-Bullet has become one of the most popular hunting bullets on the planet and has taken all manner of game. Congratulations to Barnes Bullets for 25 great years!