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Bullets For The Biggest Game

Of Boddington’s 30 recovered solids, these 18 could be reloaded and fired again. These bullets include several brands and all types of construction.

We refer to them almost interchangeably as “solids” or “FMJs,” meaning “full metal jackets.” Both terms are old and traditional…and neither is accurate. What we’re talking about is bullets intended to provide deep, straight-line Continue reading Bullets For The Biggest Game

Older Hunters…Heavier Bullets

Hornady's .358 Winchester
Hornady’s .358 Winchester

Dick Dietz, long-time PR man for Remington, is credited with the sage observation that, as men get older, they like “their wine dryer, their steaks rarer, and their bullets heavier.” Continue reading Older Hunters…Heavier Bullets