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Blind Luck

Portable ground blinds have changed the face of bowhunting. Here’s how to maximize their effectiveness.

As a fledgling bowhunter growing up out West in the late 1970’s, spot and stalk hunting was the only way I knew how to try and get close enough for a shot. After many fruitless attempts and given the limitations of the equipment of the day, I quickly figured that setting an ambush would up my odds. That meant building little brush blinds near water holes and food sources or along well-worn game trails. Next came tree stands, more precisely the old Baker climber that was known as the “Death Trap” for good reason — it was famous for coming loose and sending the user crashing to the ground with no Continue reading Blind Luck

Mathews Introduces 2020 VXR

The all new 2020 VXR is the most stable, stealthy hunting bow Mathews has ever built. Featuring a new, extended six-bridge riser, the VXR shoots like a target bow, while maintaining the maneuverability of a compact hunting rig. Continue reading Mathews Introduces 2020 VXR

Legends of the Fall

Alaska is definitely a land of extremes, and it seems like when the scale tips far in your favor in one aspect, it balances itself out by tipping far against you in another. Such was the case in September 2018, when the opening week of the fall brown bear season brought weather more like that encountered on the sun-filled Baja Peninsula than usually rainy southeast Alaska. Continue reading Legends of the Fall

How Far Is Too Far?

A big part of the game is to be patient, using available terrain features to remain hidden while waiting for game to move into a spot where they can be successfully stalked.

On a sunny, warm late August day in 2018 I was bowhunting pronghorn near Douglas, Wyoming with my friends Scott Denny, head honcho at Table Mountain Outfitters, and videographer extraordinaire Big Kelly Lee. I’ve done this hunt several times, always from a ground blind over a water source, and always killed a good buck on film, never in more than three days. For the pronghorn bowhunter, this combination is the best way possible to get a controlled shot at a calm buck at close range. Continue reading How Far Is Too Far?