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Book Review – In The Land Of The Bear

As we started sneaking through the oats toward the shooting platform, the guide all of a sudden, grabs my arm and whispers, ‘Tom, stop! Big bear to right.’ He motions for me to get my gun up and swing right. Continue reading Book Review – In The Land Of The Bear

Book Review – From The Congo Basin To The Highlands Of Ethiopia by Steve Christenson

This is simply a fascinating book. I found it to be particularly poignant in some of the detailed descriptions of places and things. It focuses on a period of time in that part of Africa that was nearly two decades after I had haunted many of the same spots. Mostly, Christenson’s descriptions and my memories of those places and things were so close that reading the text triggered flashbacks. And the color photos in the book are worth the price, just by themselves.SCIbookreviewchristenson

Continue reading Book Review – From The Congo Basin To The Highlands Of Ethiopia by Steve Christenson

Good Read: The 14th Reinstated

the-14th-reinstated-cover-010313If you’re looking for a good read to take along when traveling to your next hunting destination, check out The 14th Reinstated by Bryce Towsley.  Towsley is a well-known outdoor writer who, in addition to penning thousands of great hunting and shooting-related articles, is the author of several hunting books.  Unlike his previous works, this is Towsley’s first fiction novel and, rather than hunting whitetails, The 14th Reinstated hunts for a new civility in a plausible post-Socialist America.

In this book, the “takers” have overwhelmed a corrupt government system that the “makers” could no longer support. Absolute chaos has come and gone and gang rule is the law. Violence is somewhat mitigated by the main character’s rural lifestyle–that is, until his niece is kidnapped.

Towsley’s knowledge of hunting and guns rings clear through this page-turner as he takes you on a rescue mission filled with reliance on what are Towsley’s true-life hunting and shooting experiences. Those who know Towsley personally will also recognize many of his characters as real people in his life.  It’s that realism that lends credibility to the decisions and actions taken by the characters in this book. Some of the shootout scenarios are admittedly a bit ambitious,  and the underlying political commentary is sure to enrage both sides of the aisle, but it’s a good, action-filled read that will make you look at current headlines and consider the possibilities with concern.

The 14th Reinstated is available at Amazon for $14.99 and as a Kindle version for $4.99. Autographed copies are available at the author’s website for no additional charge.