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Bongo Hunting Can Be A Wild Adventure

When my wife, Lanceine, went scurrying by with her .416 and a one-word message: “run,” I was slightly stunned, but when the guide was next with the same message, I followed post haste in the jungles of Cameroon.   It seemed they had closed to a very short range of a bongo and decided it wasn’t the one they were looking for. Continue reading Bongo Hunting Can Be A Wild Adventure

A Perfect Bongo Hunt

It was late morning when our hunting team found a good track. Okay, it wasn’t the first track of the day; at dawn we followed a buffalo bull, waving off after we bumped him a third time in really thick stuff. But this was the track we’d been hoping for, the rounded, slightly oblong track of a big bongo bull, not just fresh, but over our own tracks from a couple of hours earlier. We marked it carefully and headed back to camp. By agreement, this was not to be my track; we thought my hunting partner, Jason Hornady, might need it. Continue reading A Perfect Bongo Hunt

Bongo in the Jungle

Intense heat and low visibility make this Cameroon bongo hunt a challenge!

Misty morning
Heading out in the morning mist.

It’s 9:00 am on the 12th day of my bongo hunt. The team of pygmy trackers, their dogs, my PH Guav Johnson, my outfitter and temporary cameraman Dean Stobbs and I have spent the past three hours tracking a bongo. We are Continue reading Bongo in the Jungle

Ghost of the Rainforest

Julia and Oleg with bongo antelope
The author (r) and Oleg (l) celebrate the success of a challenging hunt.

It’s always exciting to hunt a trophy you never did before or to go to a new destination. But when Oleg and I planned our first bongo hunt, it did not seem anything extraordinary—we’ve been to Cameroon in savanna already and bongo is an antelope—we’ve done dozens of Continue reading Ghost of the Rainforest